third grade fiesta 250

Third graders at Bethel Elementary School enjoyed a special treat when some of their classmates and families shared with them a few of their Christmas traditions.  ESL teacher, Lorena Gamez assisted students and families as they showcased costumes and food, along with presentations teaching what Christmas is like in Mexico.  Students learned that in Mexico, there are actually three separate days throughout the season that are celebrated; December 25th, January 6th, and February 2nd.  They learned the history of each of these dates and the special traditions that go along with them.  Students wore traditional Mexican attire and talked about the importance of these traditions to their culture.  Families contributed by cooking traditional Mexican food and drink such as quesadillas and rice milk.  Special handmade Mexican items were available for students to see and learn about as well.  What an awesome opportunity to learn about cultures from around the world!

Submitted by:  Heidi Ashe, Bethel Elementary School