Haywood County Schools’ has a long history of strategic long range planning that has promoted the development and success of our school district.  We are pleased to announce the school district is entering a new strategic long range planning process designed to seek community input regarding the future of Haywood County Schools.  The process will be organized in a format similar to the state process for school improvement planning.

Strategic long range planning committees will be established and aligned with critical goals in our district and school improvement plans.  The organization for strategic long range planning will involve teams of parents, school employees, and other community stakeholders.  Participants will discuss and make long- range recommendations in the following areas:

1.      Teaching and Learning: curriculum, instruction, resources, enhancement, remediation activities, career and college readiness

2.      Staff Training and Support: staff training to support 21st Century work skills, recommendations for recruitment, support, and retention of highly effective employees

3.      Student Health: the learning environment, physical health, social/emotional health, safety, etc.

4.      21st Century Support Systems: organizational structures, up-to-date facilities, proven processes, and tools to promote effectiveness and efficiency across all schools and departments

If you are interested in serving on one of the strategic planning committees, please preregister using the following link:

Strategic Long Range Planning Registration Link

Preregistration is not required to participate and you may select a different committee if you wish at the kickoff meeting.  The initial overview and kickoff meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. on October 1, 2018 at Tuscola High School.  The meeting will begin in the auditorium.