Seniors, what a crazy year it has been.  We cannot begin to imagine how you are feeling after experiencing the most unusual senior year ever.  On behalf of Haywood County Schools and the Board of Education, we want to congratulate you.  The schools are working on several ways to honor you while following all of the state restrictions that are in place.

I sent an email to your school email address containing information that will help you help us make sure you are honored in a public way.  The Mountaineer newspaper is requesting information they plan to use to honor you.  I sent you an email with the details because you can legally provide more information than we can.  Please read the email to your school email address and consider sending photos and other appropriate information.

Special thanks to The Mountaineer for this opportunity.

Seniors, please make sure to identify yourself and your school by name in anything you send to the paper.

Contact:  Dr. Bill Nolte, Superintendent