The Haywood County Schools Board of Education voted to reopen schools for in-person learning beginning on Monday, September 28, 2020.  This action will transition the school system from remote learning to in-person learning.  “The parent and student desire to return to in-person learning was overwhelming,” said Superintendent, Dr. Bill Nolte.  “There were over 6,600 intent responses and 73.9% requested a blend of in-person and remote learning.  The remaining 26.1% requested remote only learning.”

On July 22nd the Board of Education approved the use of Plan B, Option F of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s Guidebook for Reopening Public Schools.  This plan was implemented on August 17th with the intent of transitioning the school system to in-person learning as early as September 21st.  Reopening for in-person learning was delayed by one week due to the impact of a cyber attack that shutdown communication services and network operations across all schools and departments.

“We are so excited to return to in-person learning,” said Nolte.  “School just isn’t the same without students, faculty, and staff in the buildings.  We intend to use many safety precautions and serve both our in-person students and remote only students to the best of our ability.”

In returning to in-person learning, all employees are considered “essential” and will be working on site unless they have a medical or childcare exemption provided by state or federal regulations.  Beginning on September 28, 2020, telework (working at home) will be limited to individuals waiting on COVID-19 test results.  These steps are necessary in order to provide staffing for in-person learning.

Next week, individual schools will finalize learning plans.  In-person students will be told their A Week or B Week rotation and bus schedule, if applicable.  Schools will communicate learning plans to in-person and remote only students and parents.

Contact:  Dr. Bill Nolte, Superintendent