June 2nd and 3rd are now scheduled as regular student learning days for Haywood County Schools.  Please note these changes on your calendar and share the information as appropriate with others.

Haywood County Schools was closed on Thursday, January 7th, 2021 due to an off-campus fire that caused the loss of Internet services across all schools. Haywood County Schools was also closed on Friday, January 8th, due to inclement weather.

The last student learning day is currently Thursday, June 3rd. “Despite our unusual year of missing days for various reasons, we are still in good shape for making up lost learning time,” said Superintendent, Dr. Bill Nolte. “In no particular order, these include, but aren’t limited to, early dismissal days that could be made whole days and six Remote Learning days that could be swapped with closed days.” Extending the school year beyond June 7th and using Spring Break are among the last learning makeup time options used by the school system.

Contact: Dr. Bill Nolte, Superintendent