Welcome to Haywood County Schools Board of Education Policies!

Effective November 10, 2014, the Haywood County Board of Education (the Board) will begin the process of revising the Haywood County Board of Education Policy Manual using the Policies to Lead the Schools (PLS) system published by the North Carolina School Boards Association (NCSBA). It is anticipated that this revision process will take one to two years to complete.

Some of the policies in the PLS manual cross-reference policies located in other sections of the PLS manual. At times a policy may reference a policy that has not yet been adopted by the Board. Such references shall have no binding effect on the Board until the Board actually adopts the referenced policy. Existing Haywood County Board of Education policies remain in effect until such time as each policy is superseded by the new PLS-based policy on the same topic or is repealed by the Haywood County Board of Education.

In order to help school personnel and community members locate specific school board policies while the board is in the process of adopting policies based on the PLS system, NCSBA will provide Haywood County Schools with a preliminary correlation table for the entire PLS manual, so that all interested parties may identify which policies in the current policy manual correspond with the policies that are being cross-referenced in newly adopted Haywood County Board of Education policies.

The Policy Manual is organized by section and numbered accordingly:

Section 1000 Governing Principals
Section 2000 Board Operations
Section 3000 Educational Program
Section 4000 Students
Section 5000 Community Relationships
Section 6000 Support Service
Section 7000 Personnel
Section 8000 Fiscal Management
Section 9000 Facilities

Adopted on November 10, 2014