Haywood County Schools Vision:

Our vision statement is Success for today, through the cooperative involvement of students, parents, educators, and the total community; Preparation for tomorrow through academic achievement for all students and the development of thinking and reasoning skills; and Learning for a lifetime which assures well-informed, productive citizens for the future.  The Haywood County Schools’ vision statement is reflective of our commitment to family and community involvement, high expectations for all students, and caring and child-centered schools.

Haywood County Schools Mission (Purpose):

We are a good school system, but we want to be a great system.  To accomplish this goal, our mission is to:

  • Be passionate about our work to serve students
  • Be the best in the world at promoting student success
  • Be productive in our work to serve students and promote their success

This goal called for a reanalysis of our school district’s overall mission.  This mission is based upon the research found in Jim Collin’s book, Good to Great, and was approved by the Haywood County Schools’ Board of Education on May 12, 2008.