Employment Information:

Background Information Release (PDF)
Drug Test Consent Form  (PDF)
Employment Request/Interview (PDF)
Resignation Form (PDF)

Staff Evaluations:

Classified Employee Evaluation (Word)
Instructional Support Staff Evaluation Instrument:  Information
School Library Media Coordinator Evaluation Rubric (PDF)
School Counselors Evaluation Instrument (PDF)
School Psychologists Evaluation Instrument (PDF)
School Social Workers Evaluation Instrument (PDF)
Speech Language Pathologists Evaluation Instrument (PDF)
Teacher Assistant Evaluation (Word)
Teacher Evaluation Instrument – Peer Evaluation
Conferencing Protocol (PDF)
Post Conference Planning Form (PDF)
Post Observation Conference Planning Analysis of Student Work (PDF)

Staff Development:

Meeting Room Calendars

Staff Information:

Beginning Teacher Request for Extra Duties (PDF)
Fund Raising Form (PDF)
Time Report (PDF)
Travel Authorization (PDF)
Request for Reimbursement (PDF)
Local Travel Reimbursement – January 2018 (PDF) (Excel)
Outside Therapists (PDF) (Word)
6th grade Math PEP
7th grade Math PEP
8th grade Math PEP
Middle School Reading PEP
Central Office – Goal Setting Form  (PDF)
Central Office – Summary Evaluation  (PDF)
Request for Leave (PDF) (Word)
Staff Development Prior Approval Instructions (PDF)
Suspension Form (PDF)
Suspension – Hearing Procedures (PDF)
Suspension Notification Form (PDF)
Volunteer Chaperone (PDF)

Health Information:

Responsibilities for Food Allergy Management
Parent Request for Individual Food Allergy Plan
Individualized Healthcare Plan – Food Allergies
Individualized Healthcare Plan – Declination Form
Epi Administration Form
Report of Student’s Head Injury
Head Injury Concussion Physician Form
Concussion Protocol Information Sheet

School Safety:

Lockdown/Crisis Drill Form (PDF)

Community Schools/Facilty Use Request

HCS Utility and Rental Fee Schedule
Please contact the Principal of the school you wish to rent facilities from.  For information on renting the Hazelwood Conference Center, contact Mark Sheppard at 456-2400.

Coaching Forms:

Coaching Stipend Agreement for Hourly Employees (PDF)
Coaching Verification Form (PDF)
Background Information Release (PDF)
Employee Contract for Salaried Employees (PDF)
Non-Employee (PDF) (W-9 Form)
Volunteer (PDF)

Field Trip Forms:

Single Day – to be kept at the school (PDF)
Overnight or Out of State – to be sent to Dr. Garrett  (PDF)

Student Forms:

Non Resident Student Form (PDF)
Pupil Reassignment Form (PDF)
Student Drug Testing Consent Form (PDF)
Drug Testing Withdrawal of Student Drug Testing (PDF)
Drug Testing Physician Certification Form (PDF)
Drug Testing Opt-In Consent Form (PDF)
Medication Form (PDF)