For additional staff forms, please visit your Google Team Drive.  Click on HCS Staff Information > Forms

Staff Evaluations:

Classified Employee Evaluation (Word)
Instructional Support Staff Evaluation Instrument:  Information
Teacher Assistant Evaluation (Word)
Teacher Evaluation Instrument – Peer Evaluation
Conferencing Protocol (PDF)
Post Conference Planning Form (PDF)
Post Observation Conference Planning Analysis of Student Work (PDF)

Staff Development:

Meeting Room Calendars

Staff Information:

Volunteer Chaperone (PDF)

Health Information:

Responsibilities for Food Allergy Management (PDF)
Parent Request for Individual Food Allergy Plan (PDF)
Individualized Healthcare Plan – Declination Form (PDF)
Head Injury Concussion Physician Form (PDF)

Student Forms:

Non Resident Student Form (PDF)
Pupil Reassignment Form (PDF)
Student Drug Testing Consent Form (PDF)
Drug Testing Withdrawal of Student Drug Testing (PDF)
Drug Testing Physician Certification Form (PDF)
Drug Testing Opt-In Consent Form (PDF)
Medication Form (PDF)