The following policies are currently under revision.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Trevor Putnam  or call 456-2400 ext. 2104.

1310-4002 Parental Involvement
2121 Board Member Conflict of Interest
2670 Business Advisory Council
3430 School Improvement Plan
4152 Unsafe School Choice Transfer
5020 Visitors to the Schools
5025 Prohibition or Drugs and Alcohol
5030 Community Use of Facilities
6125 Administering Medicines to Students
6140 Student Wellness
6220 Operation of School Nutrition Services
6305 Safety and Student Transportation Services
6315 Drivers
6401-9100 Ethics and the Purchasing Function
6450 Purchase of Services
6560 Disposal of Surplus Property
7130 Licensure
7300 Staff Responsibilities
7405 Extracurricular and Non-Instructional Duties
7610 Defense of Board Employees
7730 Employee Conflict of Interest
7920 Reduction in Force: Teachers and School Administrators
8305 Federal Grant Administration
9110 Use and Selection of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, and Construction Managers at Risk
9120 Bidding for Construction Work