The David Sherrill Diamond Skills Center was created as a memorial community baseball skills improvement facility in honor of David Sherrill.  The center was dedicated during an open house held on Sunday, January 28, 2007.  David was a Tuscola High School (THS) senior and member of the THS baseball team.  David lost his life as a result of a tragic automobile accident.  To honor his memory his family and the community rallied to raise funds to construct the center.  The center is located on property owned by Haywood County Schools.  The Sherrill Center is adjacent to Junaluska Elementary School and the THS baseball field.  Individuals, businesses and Major League Baseball made contributions to fund the construction effort.

Ten years have passed since the center opened.  The center has become a wonderful resource for members of the community to use for the improvement of baseball skills.  Over the years, the center has experienced considerable wear-and-tear as well as regular maintenance and repair needs.  The school system estimates that it cost approximately $14,500 each year to maintain and operate the facility.

In the past the center has operated under an “open door” policy.  Since the doors were equipped with timed locks, the center has been open from 9:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. each day.  This open schedule has contributed to disagreements regarding “who” has the right to use the center at a given time.  Since no fee schedule has been created or enforced up to this point, no funds have been collected to maintain the facility.

With this in mind, the school system has established a set of regulations to define rules for facility use, obtain funds to support the facility and provide long-term viability of the center regarding repairs, equipment, exterior maintenance, and routine cleaning.  The regulations include standards for scheduling, insurance requirements, rental fees, facility use, facility care, and non-profit use.  The regulations are detailed in 5030-R, Regulations for Operation of the Sherrill Baseball Center.  The regulations are as follows:


In order to schedule use of the Sherrill Center, interested parties should contact THS’s Athletic Director.  The Athletic Director will provide information about applying to use the center, as well as dates and times the center is available.  Haywood County Schools’ teams have first priority when using the center.  A form will be provided to the individual or group desiring to use the center.  The completed form will be returned to the Athletic Director at THS.

The THS Athletic Director will approve or deny requests to use the center.   Approved user dates and times will be listed on the master calendar for the center.  If the request is denied, the group will be informed of the reason for the denial.

A master calendar listing the users of the Sherrill Center will be maintained at Tuscola High School and will constitute the official record of those scheduled to use the center.  Users will be provided with an access card that will allow use of the center at the designated times and dates.  Allowing or assisting other groups or individuals in using the facility without an agreement with THS, by propping the door open or by other means, will disqualify a team or individual from future use.  The facility will be monitored by electronic means.

A key for the gate may be issued by THS.  If a key is provided, the key must be returned to THS at the end of the use period.  The key should not be provided to any group or individual other than the one it was issued to by THS.  If a key for the gate is unavailable, users will be required to walk in to the center from the gate.


Groups requesting to use the Sherrill Center will be required to provide General Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00.  The insurance certificate must list Haywood County Schools as “additional insured”.  All groups, regardless of fees charged, will be subject to this requirement.

Individual users of the center, when accompanied by their parent or guardian, will not be required to provide liability insurance.  However, individual users will be required to provide a signed “Waiver of Liability”.  This form will be available from the Athletic Director at THS.


The fee for use of the Sherrill Center will be $10.00 per hour for individuals accompanied by their parent or guardian and $25.00 per hour for all other groups.  Payment is due at the time the agreement is signed and access is issued.  The collected fees will be deposited into a sub-account at THS designated for maintenance of the center.

The only groups not subject to payment for use of the center are Haywood County Schools’ teams and official “Little League” baseball and softball teams.  For the purpose of this regulation, “team” is defined as a majority of the team accompanied by the coach.  Little League Teams will be asked to provide a copy of their Little League Charter to fulfill the verification requirement.

Proper use and Care

Users of the center will be expected to maintain the center as it was found when they entered.  Any damages or cleaning required as a result of misuse or abuse will be billed to the user.  Damage or abuse of the center by users may also disqualify them from future use.  Required cleaning will be billed at $25.00 per hour and repair work will be billed at $35.00 per hour plus materials.

For-Profit Use

The Sherrill Center was not originally, nor is it now, intended to be used by for-profit entities or individuals.  The center was conceived and is now being maintained as a school and community resource.  Therefore, it will not be rented for use by entities that profit from the use of the center.

Contact:  Dr. Bill Nolte, Associate Superintendent