At approximately 11:40am, Superintendent Anne Garrett received a call from the Haywood Community Learning Center in Waynesville.  Learning Center staff reported hearing noises that sounded like gunfire in the distance.  The Learning Center went into lockdown, notified law enforcement and notified the superintendent.

“At this time, the lock down is precautionary and we have no reason to believe that our students or staff members are in any danger,” said Bill Nolte, Associate Superintendent.  “Law enforcement has arrived and is working to determine the specific nature of the sounds.”

The lock down was limited to the Haywood Community Learning Center.  No other schools or school facilities were involved.  School officials monitored the situation and conferred with law enforcement.  The lockdown at the Learning Center has been lifted.  The center has returned to normal activities.

Contact:  Dr. Bill Nolte, Associate Superintendent