At 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 13th, school system officials joined in an emergency management update related to Hurricane Florence.  The update was led by Haywood County Emergency Services under the direction of Greg Shuping the Emergency Services Coordinator.  Several dozen agencies participated in the update (law enforcement, Fire, Rescue, EMS, 911 communications, Red Cross, utility providers, health services, and several other state and local agencies).

The latest storm track prediction indicates the hurricane will down-grade into a tropical depression with the center of the storm passing over or near Haywood County (Sunday and/or Monday).  This will likely produce heavy rainfall (3 to 10 inches) and windy conditions (25 to 30 miles per hour with higher gusts).  These conditions have the potential to result in flooding, wind damage, and landslides.

Since the storm is still several hundred miles away, the actual impact of the storm in Haywood County is difficult to pre-determine.  We hope to have enough current impact data to make appropriate decisions and/or announcements by Sunday afternoon or early evening.

Please monitor the Haywood County Schools’ website (, Facebook page (, Twitter feed (, or your favorite local media outlet for any announcements that may occur.  If it is necessary to change the regular operating schedule, students, parents, and employees will be notified through the school district’s rapid notification system.

Please keep those in the path of Hurricane Florence in your thoughts and prayers, especially those in the coastal impact area where the storm is moving very slowly.

Contact: Dr. Bill Nolte, Superintendent