Yesterday, Governor Cooper announced the closure of all schools through May 15, 2020.  Prior to this directive, teachers had the choice of working on-site or remotely.  Beginning, Wednesday, March 25, all teachers will work primarily from a remote location.  Teachers may transition to remote work prior to Wednesday if everything is in place for remote learning.  Teachers may opt to periodically access materials, compile materials for distribution, or have essential small group meetings at school. Teachers are directed to notify principals prior to entering campus or other school property.

Yesterday, a reporter from WRAL asked Governor Cooper about pay for classified or hourly employees (custodians, teacher assistants, etc.).  While there has been conflicting information about employee pay since schools were initially closed, Governor Cooper stated he wanted these and similar employees to be able to work and be paid.  Governor Cooper also said additional guidance on this matter would be provided.  We have a webinar today with the state that may provide additional information in this area.  We will update our employees after state guidance is received.

There are hundreds of decisions to be made as we move together through uncharted waters.  As we receive additional state guidance and confer with our local Board of Education, we will share additional information in many areas.  Updates will include:

  • Spring Break
  • Procedures for promotion or retention
  • Calendar changes
  • Employee schedules and pay
  • Grading and course credit
  • Procedures for the graduating class of 2020 regarding transition to college or work
  • Other items of importance

Please be patient as we wait on additional detailed information from the state.  This is an evolving situation.  In the meantime, be calm, kind, smart, and safe.

Contact:  Dr. Bill Nolte, Superintendent