In August of 2020, Haywood County Schools experienced a Cyber (Ransomware) Attack.  The attack forced the school system to close remote learning for one week and made many digital services inoperable for weeks. At the time of the attack, we made several public announcements about the attack and joined with many state and national partners in the investigation and restoration of our electronic services. We turned the protection of personal information over to experts employed through our cyber insurance company.

Anyone who may have had information compromised was mailed a letter on January 5, 2021. The letter includes access to protective services. Anyone who received a letter is encouraged to contact the call center in the letter or follow the directions to sign up online.  No one will call, email, or text you about this matter unless you ask them to do so. Please do not respond to any inquiries about this matter. Direct inquiries could be scams. We are advised to communicate only with the call center or website in the letter as well as your personal financial institutions. A Frequently Asked Questions document is attached.

Contact: Dr. Bill Nolte, Superintendent